March 28, 2009

My Website is done!!! Yea!!!!!

           MY WEBSITE IS DONE!!!       

March 15, 2009

Shark Week

Just because I thought I should post this again. Recently got a Bronze Addy for this which was nice to get rewarded for playing with clay for an afternoon. I love that the career I choose is all about fun.

I love owls and want this necklace.

Here is the necklace at Mod Cloth
The thing about Mod Cloth... it's absolutely great for those random, weird and quirkly stuff... But sometimes, it treads that fine line of cool and ugh hipster. Nothing is more annoying than an over the top hipster. But I love this necklace.

Playboy ads!

Playboy: Amazing Copywriter: Caroline Smith

Second ad is featured on Men stalls.

March 1, 2009

Shout out to Goose Rock Design

Joey Brunelle, awesome guy, helped me put my website together and is incredibly talented. I had a vision, he made it a reality. Without him, I would just be an art director with a bunch of ads. Now I'm an art director with a bunch of ads on the internet.
So art directors, designers, copywriters, photographers... ANYONE that needs a portfolio up on a website or just a website plain period... He's great. And I'm not just saying that because I've known him for almost 20 years.

click here to getchaself a website: Goose Rocks Website

ANNNNDD.... click here to see my website: Some of my work

p.s. Joey, and I know you are reading this, when I get up north, I'm buying you a beer.

I don't get it?

Wait, doesn't Chevron sell gas for cars? I'm all for cycling, walking, public transportation and hybrids. I would even drive a solar panel car if it was available. (sidenote: won the sixth grade solar panel car race with a team of awesome guys- one of which recently helped me make my website!)

So what is Chevron going to sell? What do they want? Human energy... from Chevron... Sounds a little silly to me.