May 31, 2011

Some art directors drink scotch when they concept... I drink orange juice.



From Urban Outfitters, $8.

Three chairs = One bench

In Davis Square outside of Boston, there is this adorable shop (I think called Lucy's?) that sells vintange and re-purposed furniture. The owner was this sweet little Brazillian man who had done most of the reupholstery and painting himself. It's hard to tell from the picture but the walls were more of a bright lime green. Definitely a cool gem in the city.

Car wash liquor store

Sometimes you just want to booze and cruise... and get clean?

Saw this and had to wonder how many clean cars have road sodas at the moment...

May 24, 2011

Smart car & My little car share ONE parking spot

Two cars, one spot.
I come out of lunch on Sunday to find this: a smart car wanting to cuddle with my car.
Yes, I was really not in the spot very well to begin with but this is Maine and no one drives/parks well. I felt like a principal at a school dance separating the two. 
It was car love. 

Project of the month: Re-upholster a chair

I found this chair for $10 on craigslist. It didn't look like much. The fabric was a little gnarly and frayed- but the frame was there. I saw it's potential to be a fantastic desk chair.

Here's the money-runny: The paint cost around $10 (but I had some spray paint lying around from a previous project.) The fabric was $7 from IKEA- I know! IKEA!? - so all together this was around $27 for a new desk chair that I love.
(Chair back)

First I pulled off all the fabric with heavy duty pliers. You have to be careful to remove all staples. Next, with all the fabric and padding removed, sand down the frame and clean. Then spray paint away! But be sure to do this outside as my apartment hallway was probably a poor choice of location by making people high for a few days. Then fold in the fabric around the padding and staple with a staple gun back in place on the under-side. Each chair is slightly different but I was able to staple the fabric in and screw the seat cushion in place.


(new chair)

May 22, 2011

Just go with it.

Awkward scene from the Propsoal...

May 19, 2011

Doodle Duvet

You know when you get a bunch of ideas in bed... This would be perfect.

May 16, 2011

Michelle Obama's Prom Dress

Girl is rocking the thigh high look. I'm also pretty sure that chair was used later on the set for The Golden Girls.


Thought of the day

Certainly trying...

May 15, 2011


Boston has this amazing Post Office- which is difficult for me to say because in general I hate post offices. I hate the long lines for a stupid little stamp, I hate the way it always smells like moldy paper and I hate how every post office has a guy running the front desk with an abnormally wild mustache- as if that is a requirement to work at the post office.

So Boston has a great post office overlooking the water front that resembles... a ship. Complete with portholes and a navy exterior, it's like a permanently docked boat right on the water. Awesome architecture and I'm pretty sure my photo doesn't do it justice. At first when I saw it, I thought it was weird. Now I love it because let's be real- Kansas can't have this.

I went to IKEA and here's what I dreamt I took home with me:

This craft room was amazing. Perfect lighting, great space and organization for all the fabrics, papers, and loose ends. Great desk, pull-out draws, black red and white... I love it.

Oh and I fell in love with this bed for the bird themed room.

What's wrong with America

Ok, so here's what's wrong. I went to the grocery store the other day just to pick up a few necessities which for me are orange juice, squiggly pasta, hummus, greek olives and an apple. 5 items total. FIVE.  My receipt? 16 and a half inches long. No weird survery, no coupons, no ad ons, just lots of spaces. Talk about a waste of paper. What if I got 10 items? 20 items? Now that people are claiming there is BPA on receipts, I don't particularly want a 16 and a half inches long receipt.
The items purchased:
The Receipt:

the comparison:

May 14, 2011

Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial

I love me some Orson Welles and I truly enjoyed Citizen Kane (even how slow it could be). However, Orson Welles is a bumbling, drunk fool in this as he re-create's Lucy's Vitaveetavegamin commercial from I love Lucy.

May 11, 2011

Whatever happened to JTT?

photos from the FuckYeahUgly90sclothes blog

Jonathan Taylor Thomas of Home Improvement fame... I used to have the biggest crush on this guy when I was a tween. I vaguely remember writing a letter to him with my best friend who lived down the street. I also vaguely remember dotting my i's with little hearts in this one particular instance. Needless to say, I did not receive any response- which I attribute to his management not wanting JTT to fall in love at the time due to his incredibly busy schedule of TV and voicing Simba on the Lion King.

Oh the 90's...

May 10, 2011

Thought of the day

Thank you Mr. Einstein, for encouraging me to just keep swimming.

May 9, 2011

THE GREATEST SANDAL EVER MADE! Now, where can I buy it again?!

Two and a half years ago I bought these shoes from Anthropologie in Atlanta. Now, after wearing them almost daily in the summer and on trips to exotic lands like San Francisco, my shoes need to be replaced. Anthro doesn't release where this shoe is from and all I have is that they are bronze and european. I know this because the only marking on my shoe is the size 40 (yes, I'm a shoes size 10)

IMPORTANT: If anyone knows where I can purchase these, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! If you can direct me to where I can buy these shoes, I will send you a beautiful hand made thank you card and a picture of me happily wearing my new shoes- no matter where you are in the world.


May 6, 2011

Little late: hope everyone had a good Cinco de Mayo

Eight years of Spanish classes and 1 minor later, I still can order any drink I want in Spanish. Holler.

May 5, 2011

What a Mom Wants

Teleflora's little ad about Mother's day and some of the more shitastic gifts.

Haha... Size toyota...

TOMS PINK GLITTER SHOES: why is Christmas so far away...?

Quintessentially perfect for every occasion. Comfortable, yet snazzy.  However, I'm living by a new standard that I only buy something when something in my house needs to be thrown/given away. So I can only look... and hope that my shoes start to burn rubber. 

Also, good thing about TOMS shoes: when you buy a pair, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need in a poorer country. In some places in the world, you can't go to school without shoes, so giving a child a pair of shoes helps give him/her a better life... cool idea. 

May 3, 2011

TITANIC II: The complete end of the film industry

It's official: there is no hope for Hollywood. Why on earth would there be a Titanic II?! Have all the stories left in the world been told? Just terrible.
Even worse? The poster. Is that a frown face on the steam pipe?! It looks like the story of Sad Steamboat Sammy and the big Scary Storm... I think I have an idea for a children's book.

Curves cereal: makes you white.

So wrong...


This woman was so amazing...Perhaps it's time for a trip to Mexico...

May 1, 2011


Oh what did you do this weekend, Donald Trump?

Furniture as art.

Follow if you can: My grandmother's cousin's grandson goes to school right down the street from me and I just met him this year. How small is this world?! His name is Benjamin Morris and interesting enough, we are both into art and design- and probably the only ones in our entire family. We got the gene. Needless to say, meeting Ben clarified any adoption rumors since my family is mostly a math/science kind.

He makes some of the most beautiful wood-working pieces I've ever seen and has a show this Friday 5pm-8pm at MECA in Portland (go in at the Free Street entrance). I would flip out if this chair was in my house. GO if you are in Portland- it's also First Friday of the month and all the art galleries are open. Support the arts!