August 29, 2011

Heart of Gold

August 24, 2011

Add it to the list of crafting fails...

Perhaps I need a sewing lesson...

August 11, 2011

Antoine Dodson, Casey Anthony, and OJ Simpson walk into a bar...

Can I get a hells yeah???



I love it when Jim calls Dwight "buddy."

I love it when Michael did his impressions.

I love it when The Office would come on Hulu friday mornings...

So hurry up and come back. And miss you Prison Mike.

August 3, 2011

My Shark week cupcake fail

Thought it would be a good idea to make some shark week cupcakes...
This was my inspiration:
This is what I made:
So... not a success. Apparently twinkies don't want to be dipped into greyish chocolate. And aparently as much as I like to bake, it does not make me any good. 

So I salvaged as much as I could from the somewhat expensive ordeal and made a few shark fins.  Those are barbie arms reaching out for dramatic effect (left over from a barbie cake- also a disaster)


UPDATE: Got a tweet from the official Shark Week twitter. YES!
More fail: I showed my mother a picture of this cake and she was so mortified that I spent money on such a catastrophe. 

Penguin LOVE

True story:
When I was younger, I used to visit my grandmother in DC in the summer for a few weeks. We would always go to the zoo and one time, I got a stuffed penguin from the gift shop which I affectionately named Iceberg. I've had this penguin for MANY years, all through childhood, and even dragged him along to college where he kindly never judged my actions. We all have that stuffed animal or what have you that has seen more birthdays that Fred Willard's Smuckers jars.

A few weeks back, my roommate was in DC for uber important stuff and got me a stuffed baby penguin at the gift shop. It's one of the sweetest things I've ever received and so ironic that both penguins are from the same place. I named him Ice-cube.

So here's to the adults out there with a stuffed animal still gracing their bed. And to sweet roommates.

Iceberg and Ice-cube

Ron Swanson Paper Doll

Now, you can have your very own Ron Swanson.

August 1, 2011


Not since Titanic has an iceberg seemed so big...

Dear boys at bars,


P.S. No, I will not go out with you.