April 28, 2008

2nd quarter work- click the goods to see larger versions

This is the random campaign we did for sylvia last quarter. Here were the many guidelines:
1. Choose a friend. (Kate) Have the campaign influenced by her and solve a problem in her life. Kate: works in engineering (fancy word for construction) around lots of men and yet is somewhat fashionable and a touch of girly.
2. Have the ads be in the style of a given designer: Cipe Pinles
3. Must advertise a candy bar: Kit Kat
4: Must be in style of collage.
5: Use color scheme.
6. Write your own copy.

I'm assuming the lesson was about how to follow guidelines and restrictions.

oh there is of course more to this campaign.... message me for more.

April 27, 2008

The kids go to Washington.

This picture is of my childhood best friend Kate, myself and my buddy Roberto. We all come from the land of Maine. And now we convene in DC to reclaim our insanity by causing chaos.... and more insanity. At the end of it all, I found pictures in my camera of a woman in tye-dye, a large sand lot dog, an eagle painted in the colors of the american flag and a man bending by his car to reveal a very odd butt crack. This is how Kate takes pictures of the "sights" in DC.

Katie was just here in Atlanta for again more chaos and insanity. Also here: my mom and a family friend. It's been a little crazy but exactly how I like it. Theres way too many creatives with too little inspiration from actual life. I get inspiration from the hilarity of my family and friends. It's that connection with real life that I think is the only way to create great work. Too many creatives just think they can get away without having connections with actual people. I can't imagine how some people get their inspiration when they haven't seen family or friends in years. Maybe it's the glare of their Mac screens that are blaring into their retinas but this is no industry to be blind of whats going on around you.

Kids on the book of faces: more pictures of craziness in DC available. Atlanta photos coming soon... or whenever Kate gets around to putting them up.

April 7, 2008

3rd Quarter

Today is the monday and first day of the first week of the third quarter.

A few issues:
1. Vacation was not long enough
2. I already miss Syliva's classes.
3. There is a guy here at Panera who looks like a Who from Whoville.

I hope everyone brought their game face this quarter. I have a feeling it's going to be a bit painful around the end of May when a lot of people I know will be graduating and/or enjoying summer vacation.