October 28, 2010

Lot of traffic. Thanks y'all.

How about more people from Idaho though? Don't you guys read blogs? That's the only state that's still greyed out on my googly analytics.

Something tells me this kid doesn't grow up to be the next member of MENSA.

I did the Dempsey Challenge and raised a ton of money

Go team members!

October 5, 2010

I saw Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton in the same week.

Wicked exciting. Lady Gaga was here to repeal Don't ask Don't tell... which was ironically put into place during the Clinton administration...
However, both had some great things to say. Both said them very well. And both brought good attention for good causes to our little state. So win!

Like a good Italian, sometimes I make pasta from scratch.

Flour, salt, egg, water.... and use a wine bottle as a rolling pin.

Oh hey Fort Williams.

yeah for maine. We have an old military fort/lighthouse. Free to go to. Priceless experience.


Aren't you scarrrrrred?!?!

October 1, 2010

Ironic moment: A cat showed up at my doorstep. Her collar said that her name was Lola.

Not going to keep little Kitters here but she has shown up and tried to run into my apartment for the past 4 days in row.