December 30, 2012

Holidays in Maine

Here are a few highlights of the Holidays- don't judge on the way too many instagram photos...

My sister and I with the Kennebunkport Christmas Tree
My little sister came home for Christmas as a surprise to my mom this year.  If you know my mother, and how impossible it is to keep a secret from her, you know this was no easy task.
This picture is also odd to me since my sister and I have similar hair for literally the first time in our lives. Emily always had black curly hair and I always had light brown/sometimes blonde straight hair. With a little straightening and a little hair dye, we both have the same hair now. Very strange for both of us. 

Our family tree

Here's the connection: Bentley is my mother's best friend's dog. And I love him.

Gus Gus
My all time favorite ornament. I got this little guy in a happy meal as a kid- which was rare because we hardly ever got to go to McDonalds. But really, I've always loved Cinderella. And I love that we wrap up Gus Gus at the end of every Christmas and store him away with the other paper and glass ornaments of our past. 

Apartment Tree:
I've never had a REAL tree in my apartment- thanks to Atlanta's apartment selling nothing but sickly looking pipe cleaners and Portland's apartment being too small. So this tree was a little special. Even if it was put up an hour before our holiday party.

Um. Right. 
The Slutcracker is a huge thing at the Somerville Theater. It's a burlesque version of the Nutcracker in one of Massachusetts' greatest theaters. It sells out almost every year and this was the auto-correct in my phone. I don't know which wording is worse...

Mini Cakes
Are amazing when they're red velvet. In fact, all cakes should either be red velvet. Or funfetti. 

Now, I've never been a Church going person at all. Not a fan of the chanting, kneeling and overall craziness that sometimes comes through. But some people in my family are- and have to say, being at a monastery on Christmas eve was kind of nice. No mass, no weird children screaming in the aisles, no horrific perfumes. It was just us and and some monks. Kind of really ok. 

Christmas Day Snow at Three Lady Farm
And last, our sad excuse for a snow fall on Christmas Day.

Clever Bee Starting up soon!

And it all starts with the lavender sugar scrub...

More info to come!

December 26, 2012

Aw, remember these?!

These are some badass sharks!