May 27, 2009

Orlando Jones FAIL

May 14, 2009

If the devil came in the form of an appliance.

So I bought this contraption because my hair in the summer is always wild and curly. Kind of like a blond bird's nest. I thought this would help. Right.
 It's a hair dryer/comb that straightens out wavy hair. Instead, it gets your hair so incredibly tangled that it's impossible to use. 
Today, this devil machine ripped out the left side of my hair. It took 40 minutes to get it "untangled" and by the end of it, I was short about 5 inches of hair. 
Don't use these things. 

May 10, 2009

Conversation overheard while sitting in a massage chair at Brookstone.

Setting: Brookstone.  Deep shiatsu. (whatever, I was tired.)

Big, old motorcycle dude wearing bandana and chaps: "Do you guys have any of those kindles?"
Brookstone Sales Associate: "What are kindles?"
Chaps dude: "You know, those porta-books? You download the book like an ipod. I need something do when I'm not riding my hog." (weird chuckle of a laugh)
Un-Nerdy Sale Associate: "What's a hog? (pause) Oh. Um, I don't know... "
(even longer pause)
Chaps dude: "So no?" (stare down)
Un-nerdy sales associate: "Yeah... I think you can buy it at Apple."


Photo note: NOT me. 

May 7, 2009

Dance on stage with Robert Randolph? Check.

That's me. Behind Robert Randolph. Yesssss. 

And this is why I went into advertising....

At the Red House!!!

May 6, 2009

My friend thought I should update my blog.

Keedle sent me this email today and ended it with "K thanx bai." I was seriously concerned that a thirteen year old girl took hold of her email account. But I remembered that Keedle was also in one of my ad campaigns for Orangina. She is the example that we used that people can go on the microsite, upload their picture and become instantly European. Some people loved this campaign, some people loathed this campaign. Shocker. Ha! Well, I like it. 
Anyways, here is the E-card that the user can make and send to their friends for random European holidays.  Copywriter: Chris Hansen. 

And there's also print ads...

And you can see the rest of this campaign and much more at:
In case you wanted to know about the job update... Here has been the latest email "job alert." Call me crazy, but I might be qualified?

Yahtzee! Keep the fingers crossed.