July 27, 2010

Definition of JOY

Sneak attack

July 19, 2010

KID CUDI vs. Weird Al

Both make songs that are based on other songs. Weird Al does parodies (like Amish Paradise from Gangsta's paradise). Kid Cudi does his own take on songs like 50 ways to make a record. Big question: Does Weird Al give Kid Cudi career advice? Or do they snuggle by the fire making fun of pop songs while secretly wishing they were invited to the VMA awards? I just don't know.

July 15, 2010


Can you really put a price on dignity?

If you are a pirate with Scurvy, this is your poster.

Chipotle gets it right

They don't care what the agency says to do and they want you to know that. The agency wants to put stuff on the side of the food bags that says the burrito you're eating is good. Chipotle says "Who cares, the consumer is smart enough to already know that."

They go even further and put it in Lorem Ipsum, which for non-designers is basically filler copy. It's called greeking and seeing it on actually produced design items makes designers geek out. Did they do that on purpose?! WHAT?! They must have!

I've seen greeked type in produced items twice now. Once in the Harrisonburg Daily News Record (they forgot to write a headline about missing farm animals) and here on the Chipotle bag. Well played, Chipotle, well played.


The Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, MD is getting ready by having a huge Shark come out of their offices. I LOVE IT. Almost as much as the clip where a guy is filming on top of a floating dead whale while sharks are circling him, and looking at him like his name is dinner. (Please play that clip again this year, DC)

July 8, 2010