July 9, 2009

5 people I wish had a blog. And what they would say.

Here's a few of the people/ characters that would probably have some interesting blogs.  Ok, I'm a huge dork but whatever. 

George Washington: 
 Blog Clip: "If I could do it again... I would be king. And I would dub my land Georgington. And it would be splendid. And Martha would not be allowed in." 
King Triton: 
 Blog Clip: "Seriously, the only cool thing about being a merman is having this triton to carry around."

John Phillips Sousa: 
 Blog Clip: "Currently playing: Biggie Smalls, Hypnotize. Had lunch with Lady Gaga today. Tomorrow: collaborate with Jay Z.  Good life but 'Mo money, 'Mo problems..." 

Glenda the Good Witch: 
 Blog Clip: "How hard is it to book a freaking flight? Has ANYONE heard of airtran?! I quit...Bitch can find her own way home."

Doug Funny: 
 Blog Clip: "Got my tickets to see the Beetz in concert! No, I will not be wearing my Quailman costume."

July 7, 2009

Top Ten most Ironic Ads from History

Whether it could worrying about asbestos at the World Trade Center or wrapping babies in cellophane, some ads are just a massive fail.  Big lesson? Think. 

other info: Back in Atlanta after a great visit to New England! Watched crazy MJ fans at the airport today. 

July 4, 2009

My work being simplistic.

now I want a swiss army knife. One that's main tool is NOT a nail filer.

AD: Lola Sizemore
CW: Caroline Smith