March 10, 2008

Panel time at the circus next week

Everyone wants to know. Are there finals at the Circus? No, there is something called panel. At panel, you present your work you did throughout the quarter to any three or so instructors at the school. They sit there taking notes and noticing everything from your choice of font in piece A to your overall appearance. You have 20 minutes to show 10 weeks of work. Its pretty intense and people end up sleeping at the school to get work done.
And to go through panel you have to have thick skin. Luckily, I do, thanks to 9 years of college level critiques. I like critiques, good and bad. If they were all good, I would think I was wasting my money and time. Feedback is always important no matter how rough it can be.
At the Circus, you have people who have been told they were so creative and unique their whole life. Put a bunch of these people in a room and creativity becomes bland. Can sometimes seem like a bunch of big fishes in an even bigger pond. I think the best way to go about this is to just be yourself, like in any situation. I hate to see so many people be insecure with themselves and their work. I think about 70% of success is believing in yourself and what you have done. The other 30% is a mix of hard work, luck, and a bit of craziness.

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