January 12, 2009

The Office Ad Campaign: Tag: Good Humor, Bad form.

The Office Ad Campaign (click each ad to make it larger if necessary)
Copywriters: Meghan Levesque and Caroline Smith
Tag: Good Humor, Bad Form.

I was so happy I got the chance to work on this campaign and especially since it is targeted towards the fans, so essentially me. Each writing utensil has the name of the associated character written on it. For instance, the intensely sharpened pencil with perfectly aligned paperclips is Angela. For those who watch the show, you totally get it and all the inside jokes. And it builds an even bigger cult/fan base. We even have Christmas versions of these ads, possibly coming soon.

So if you watch the whole Dwangela love triangle every week, hopefully this is your kind of ad campaign?

P.S. Thank you Santa for the Season 3 AND Season 4 dvds. Best present this year other than your promise of world peace.

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Adam Epstein said...

Great stuff, I love it! (that's what she said)