May 10, 2009

Conversation overheard while sitting in a massage chair at Brookstone.

Setting: Brookstone.  Deep shiatsu. (whatever, I was tired.)

Big, old motorcycle dude wearing bandana and chaps: "Do you guys have any of those kindles?"
Brookstone Sales Associate: "What are kindles?"
Chaps dude: "You know, those porta-books? You download the book like an ipod. I need something do when I'm not riding my hog." (weird chuckle of a laugh)
Un-Nerdy Sale Associate: "What's a hog? (pause) Oh. Um, I don't know... "
(even longer pause)
Chaps dude: "So no?" (stare down)
Un-nerdy sales associate: "Yeah... I think you can buy it at Apple."


Photo note: NOT me. 

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