July 9, 2009

5 people I wish had a blog. And what they would say.

Here's a few of the people/ characters that would probably have some interesting blogs.  Ok, I'm a huge dork but whatever. 

George Washington: 
 Blog Clip: "If I could do it again... I would be king. And I would dub my land Georgington. And it would be splendid. And Martha would not be allowed in." 
King Triton: 
 Blog Clip: "Seriously, the only cool thing about being a merman is having this triton to carry around."

John Phillips Sousa: 
 Blog Clip: "Currently playing: Biggie Smalls, Hypnotize. Had lunch with Lady Gaga today. Tomorrow: collaborate with Jay Z.  Good life but 'Mo money, 'Mo problems..." 

Glenda the Good Witch: 
 Blog Clip: "How hard is it to book a freaking flight? Has ANYONE heard of airtran?! I quit...Bitch can find her own way home."

Doug Funny: 
 Blog Clip: "Got my tickets to see the Beetz in concert! No, I will not be wearing my Quailman costume."

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