November 4, 2010


Now usually I'm all about Trader Joes and I was thrilled to get one finally up here in Portland, Maine. I'm sick of having to go to Whole Paycheck for my organics when let's be real, bananas are organic anyways. Why would I pay more for them? When I lived down south, the Trader Joes was everywhere and it's about time we got one up here.

As a frequent visitor, I'm well aware of their personalized and well designed branding. They have constantly impressed me. But due to a vitamin E deficiency and a need of more natural oil for my skin,  I picked up this little number. What should I see on the label? Papyrus. THE MOST ANNOYING FONT IN THE WORLD.

Not only do I see this font everywhere on the branding for misguided, local small business owners but now at Trader Joes? It's a horrible font, completely over-used and it doesn't say "organic" or "granola-y" or even "natural." No, it says "I'm too lazy and cheap to hire a designer that cares." Being that Trader Joes usually has great branding, I can only chalk it up to that they thought no one would notice the Vitamin E oil sitting at the bottom of the shelf. Lucky for them, this designer has weird skin. And I caught you guys.

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