April 25, 2011

How to make an emergency moving kit

My friends moved away (BOOOOOO) so I packed them an "Emergency Moving Kit." As someone who has traveled up and down the country, I remember the torture very well. Above is a picture of what I put together- owl salt and pepper shakers not included.
The contents of said kit are:
- Advil (for when someone sings Lady Gaga in the Car)
- Tissues (with little drawings of germies on them)
- Shout out stain cloths (for when life gets messy)
- Water bottle (high tech hydrating device)
- first aid kit (for when someone changes the radio to the Jesus channel)
- Cough drops (for when it gets really annoying)
- Make-up/Sweat remover cloths (for when there is no shower)
- Applesauce to go bottles (for when the gas station food has bugs crawling on it)
- Big Bird book (for when the kid is crying)

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