November 29, 2011

Cocktail creation: Rosemary's Baby

Conflict: It's 10:00am and you want a nice, celebratory Holiday drink. But, it's 10:00am and you are limited on your appropriate choices. You don't want to look like a lush in front of your Auntie Martha and frankly, her judging eye is already on high alert from the "hooker" heals you wore last night at dinner.

Introducing: Rosemary's Baby. There's orange juice in it so it's morning appropriate and it tastes delicious- so much so that Auntie Martha can't complain. My dear friend, Janet, and I created this drink Thanksgiving morning while waiting for a bird to cook. We made a pitcher.

Rosemary's Baby:
2 part orange juice
1 part rum
1/2 part triple sec
splash of simple syrup
Rosemary sprig
Orange slice to garnish

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