February 10, 2012

Where in the world is my dad?

My dad likes to send random photos from his phone. He also includes himself in these photos by only showing his forehead. I'm assuming this is him and not some random stranger's forehead. Anyways, it's usually very random.

These are real photos I have received via email:
In Boston

In the office

My sister and I find it funny that he sends these RANDOM photos... So I like to play a little game called Where in the World is Dad:

Hanging out with some clowns

Did you know he saw Obama speak?

He saw the Eiffel Tower!

WOW. India too?

Dad in the jungle. He's a wild one!

He loves Time Square Advertising

Did you know he was at the World Cup!?

He hangs out with Mickey Mouse sometimes

He loved the show Full House

African Safari!!! Watch out for those tigers!


More to come.

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