August 6, 2012

Gentlemen of the Road: Mumford and Sons comes to Portland Maine!

Great show! Absolutely amazing and so great for my wonderful neighborhood. I call the eastern prom my backyard (although it technically is one street over but whatevs). It's an unbelievable feeling to walk out of my house and into a music festival.

 It's awesome to see people recognizing this wonderful little city and appreciating it for all it's glory. I couldn't be more proud to have our city selected for this show. Fantastic music? Check. Everyone I know at one show? Check. Dancing? Check. Fireworks?! CHECK CHECK CHECK.

Also, if this ever happens again, expect me to go around selling freezy pops earlier in the day. The heat was a little insane and I know I could have made a fortune with the freezy pops.

Jackie and I by the lighthouse

Oh hey large crowd in my backyard.

My boys, mumford and sons.

cuddling up to Kyra

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