May 5, 2008

I missed watercoloring.

So it was book cover time at Type class. I really missed watercoloring and doing things by hand, especially since it was something I've been doing since the beginning of Lola time. This is one of five we had to do for tomorrow... or I guess today. Since the book is about life, love and death in the eyes of the generation X, I used a lot of themes about change or reminiscent of nostalgia. I got the idea of a tattoo with the title for the idea of a generation X, watercolor for a softer image to represent love and Gotica and Retro lettering for life as a past. Voila. My other themes besides the tattoo one above were the New York Subway, Coffee, Airplane Jet setting and Brick/Cement walls with graphittiesque colour. We'll see which one wins tomorrow at class.

Quick story: When I was a young girl of maybe 13 years, I took some classes at Maine College of Art. During my first oil painting class, I was sitting next to this emo-ish goth college kid. While I was painting some some purple flowers in a vase, she was painting a bleeding heart. The kind from anatomy books. Not really that accurate or even artistically done well. I never thought I would ever be painting a bleeding heart ever in life.

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