May 31, 2008

I want one of these.

Since when did my little car require $52 at the fill up? Right now, I'm working on some smart car stuff which just makes me want one even more. (just you wait, it's brills)
Not like I wouldn't be in tears at the loss of my baby, the silver surfer, but I think everyone in this country needs a smart car.... or a bike. At least raise maybe put a few solar panels on the top of your car.
Which totally brings me back to sixth grade when my little group of guys and myself won the school solar panel car race in the Sea Road parking lot. I think we won pink t-shirts if I can recall... not so cool.

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Joey Brunelle said...

I REMEMBER THAT!! I still have pictures, too. :-)

And I want one of these, the sexiest electric car ever made: