December 30, 2008

I'm not a copywriter but....

I do actually write. Sometimes. And after reading (yes, I read too) this article, I realized there a few words and saying that drive me insane and should henceforth be considered overused. And in the spirit of New Years... here goes.

"A whopping ____"
Many newspapers use this phrase to describe something that is astonishingly large. Really, who says whopping? I've heard of whopping cough and a whopping crane, but neither are big things. Or wait... that's Whooping... That word is banished too. Whopping sounds like a Steve Urkel dance move and frankly should not be allowed to describe an employment rate or high school drop out percentages.


I agree with that Karoub's article. Way overused. Mr. McCain, I congratulate you on ruining a great film with that weird bible thumping actor... Mel something...

So this one is a little personal. As a hostess, I had a boss that mandated that I welcome all entering patrons by saying "hello folks." Not "hi guys," or even "hey there." Folks... Shuddering now as I think about it because if I say it again, I've moved to the sticks.


To those that use this, you are not a teenage girl wearing a pink scrunchie. And if you are, WTF. Abreviating words is ATHOOM. Annoying the Hell out of Me.


Rub it in my face a little more that AT&T wont let me get a new phone until February. Tell me more about your internet access, GPS directions, games, and personalized fortune telling. Please inform me about what I'm missing out on.... And do me a favor. Call it a PHONE.

"Avatar" What a silly idea. First avatars were just computerized alter egos for the creepy unsocial Dwight Shrutes of the world. Now they are popping up like plastic daisies everywhere. I'm not thrilled to see these being used as a advertising technique because it's a desperate nerd alert.
I actually met a guy at a bar who told me his name was Avatar... Imagine his reaction when I said I'm Lola.

More words to come... Also in future: Favorite things said from The Office.

Did I mention I'm snowbound? Love it.

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