December 30, 2008

Ok, so go with me on this one...

So, here are just some of the print ads from a huge Magic Eraser campaign. The rest is coming soon... or possibly just at my website. So check it out!

Starts off: Posters of missing "Marks" are plastered in urban areas. Posters at bus stops, subway stations, building walls. Man, that Boogie Nights poster is missing Mark Wahlberg. Where have all the Marks gone?? At first, no logo appears- just a website to

Then: Get to the interactive website and you can play Mark Trivia, play Mark Fight (example: Mark McGuire fighting with a bat, Mark Hamil fighting with a light saber.) You can also send a Mark that you know a personalized message from one of our famous missing Marks. Lots of Missing Marks awareness at the site to create a concern/buzz. And best part: you can win a signed famous Mark Magic Eraser. Yessss....

And Then: Where have all the Marks gone? Mystery continues.

Magic Eraser: Removes Marks
Copywriters: Mark Pantsari (don't worry, not MIA) and Rich Ford

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