August 17, 2009

Back in Maine!

After a 27 hour drive with a massive moving truck, I'm back in the state. Oh yes.

Things that are different in Maine from Atlanta:

1. Where many things are opened all night long in Atlanta, Ma and Pa close down at 6pm. Forget it on Sunday- that's the lord's day. But in Maine, we can still buy booze on Sunday! At the grocery store- if it's open.

2. The leaves are already starting to turn red and orange in Maine. And its August. I also can wear a sweatshirt and go without air conditioning.

3. In Kennebunkport, Maine, there are only a few bars. One in particular serves as the general restaurant, dance club, Cheers bar, pool hall, arcade and overall hangout. There is one bakery. No movie theaters.

4. In Atlanta, there is a place to get fried chicken or ribs on ever corner. In Maine, people flip out if the cost of lobster goes up.

5. It can be hard to run into people in Atlanta. In Maine, I saw half my high school class plus their parents within two days of being here.

6. In Atlanta, I used my GPS everywhere. Here, I give directions like this: turn on the dirt road by the "God Bless America" house. My GPS has no clue where I am.
(Also, the picture featured above is the wedding cake house which is a few houses down from mine. Another source of giving directions)

7. Atlanta has Cockroaches. Maine has Mosquitos. Both are evil.

8. When the sun comes out in Maine, everyone calls in sick at work. In Atlanta, everyone stays inside with the air conditioner.

9. Since being in Maine, I haven't worn make-up and barely brushed my hair from swimming in the ocean. And that's ok.

10. I saw someone getting a speeding ticket in Maine. I haven't seen that in two years in Atlanta.


Amanda said...

Lola! Atlanta misses you, or I miss you, or Atlanta and I miss you.

Anonymous said...

that's why you should come back silly!