September 13, 2009

NO!!!! Serena was robbed!

Serena looses the whole match for one point because of being penalized!

According to

The Associated Press reported that Williams told the line judge: “If I could, I would take this ... ball and shove it down your ... throat.”

After speaking to Williams and tournament referee Brian Earley, who had walked onto court after the clash, the umpire gave the American a point penalty because she had received a warning after breaking her racket on the court at the end of the first set. Tennis rules dictate that a player’s second code violation is a point penalty, according to the Web site of the U.S. Tennis Association, and this infraction handed the reigning Wimbledon and Australian Open champion a 6-4, 7-5 loss.

Boo. If she was a hockey player and said that, they would have given her a raise.

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