September 9, 2009

TRUE STORY: Confessions of a Job Search and a Bizarre Phone Call.

I don't know how many people out there are searching for a job but its obviously a very difficult process right now. Especially if you're creative and you're in a highly competitive industry. You apply everywhere (certainly not just and you call, email, and even write snail mail letters! (I hope you guys all enjoyed the embossed signature and stationary). You drive 200 miles out of your way for an interview. You spend every last penny you have just to make a trip to a city for someone to look at your work with no job in sight. When you love your chosen career, you do everything you can to keep doing it. And you work really hard. And you get pretty thick skin.

Usually I don't really talk about the application process here on this blog because I'd rather have fun and talk about more entertaining stuff. Like King Triton's triton or the band poster/logo/print ad/viral video I just created. And I kind of have a "everything will fall into place" mentality. Kind of like when you are looking for that favorite pair of shoes and you find them months later under the couch. But the phone call I received today was really by far the most unusual I've ever recieved in regards to the job search.

Today I received a phone call from a place I had applied for a position in media. The person on the other end of the line not only told me that I would not be considered but that I would be "miserable working here" and that I had "no skills" in the areas they were looking for. They continued to go on about how unqualified I was and how working for them would in no way be an option. This person was in shock that I even applied in the first place. I mentioned my skills in quicktime pro, final cut pro, CS4 creative suite, flash and more but it was entirely useless. After listening a little more and wondering why I applied in the first place, I only had one word to say. "wow." I am rarely speachless and today was one of those moments.

I thanked the person on the other end of the phone, we hung up and I sat in shock for a minute. Why did they even call? I wasn't upset or anything. Just entirely confused. Isn't a simple no sufficient? With 600 people applying for a janitorial position in Michigan, I wonder how many people this company calls to tell them they are far from what they want. Also should be noted, they contacted me within hours of applying. That was the most effort into a rejection I've ever seen in my life. It was a REAL BIG NO.

At this point in the job application game, we all are collecting rejection letters. is making a movie about what you do in unemployment. I can't wait to see Lemonade because lord knows I've made mojitos out of limes. I've been painting and selling my work at local establishments. I got back into illustrating and I freelance whenever the I get the opportunity. I spend three days a week searching for jobs at my favorite agencies and companies. I also spend time walking the Eastern trail, surfing at dusk and going to Arts festivals. How on earth can you be creative if you just stare at a computer all day?!

But one thing I don't do is just sit and wait wait. I stay active and keep doing what I like to do, regardless if someone thinks I have no valuable skills. I have a wooden board on my wall that says, "Life's too short for boring stuff." And I'll never stop living by that motto. This industry may be cutthroat, but if its ok, I'm just going to do me.


Anthony said...

you're great, lola. it's 1:30 in the morning and all I can say is that the only rewarding thing I've done these past 18 to 24 hours is read your blog. you've made me laugh (really hard by the way) and miss you.

The Lolapalooza Show said...

Awwwww, Tony you make me blush!