December 27, 2009

The film, Valentine's Day = Love Actually 2 with bad cameos.

Ughhhh... Why must Americans copy everything the British do well? Love Actually was pretty good, but this movie just looks like too many overpaid actors each with their own sub-par sub-plots. And let's throw in Taylor Swift AND Taylor Lautner because those two are so IN right now. Vampires are in too. Want to add a Vampire storyline in too?

To say how I feel about this movie from only the preview could accurately be described by the reaction of my most recent movie theater audience. This is a true story.

Audience sitting patiently in the cramped movie theater. While chewing on popcorn and sipping on pop, the lights go dark and the preview begins.
Audience doesn't laugh at "funny" moments in preview.
After the narrator announces each of the names of around 100 or so semi-ok actors and a C+ actors... the audience sighs.
Obviously overwhelmed, the audience is annoyed by the over-casting and starts murmuring:
"Definitely a rental."
"Ugh... Jamie Fox was good in Ray. What happened here?"
"That's a lot of salaries."

I probably won't be seeing this Oscar winning piece.

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