December 15, 2009

My love for Eric Hutchinson

Two years ago, I got hooked on this great musician named Eric Hutchinson.

I saw him play at this bar in Atlanta two years ago and he was amazing. It was small, no one knew who he was back then and it was fantastic. It was so amazing and fantastic that I actually did something I never EVER do: I messaged a "famous" person.

Let me first say that the last time I tried to contact a famous person was in Mrs. Harvey's sixth grade class. We had an assignment to write to a famous person. While some kids wrote to the president and to Blossom, I wrote to Danny Devito to tell him that I still appreciated his acting ability regardless that he was in Twins.  DeVito never wrote back but some kid in my class got sneakers sent from Magic Johnson. (By the way, Click here to see the Blossom Intro in Spanish)

First let me say that I think its wicked lame when people try to contact an entertainer. Don't @Obama or @MeryllStreep.  They're busy.  But at the time, I wasn't really liking Atlanta (at all) and his music was what I listened to ALL the time. So I wrote him to say thanks for writing great music.

And he wrote back. Wrote a wicked nice message.

Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome. And further made me like this musician even more. Taking time for the fans? Pretty sweet. Now he's probably too big for that, but it was still great.

And I thought I would write about this today because on three separate radio stations and at three separate times, his song "Oh" played.

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