May 24, 2011

Project of the month: Re-upholster a chair

I found this chair for $10 on craigslist. It didn't look like much. The fabric was a little gnarly and frayed- but the frame was there. I saw it's potential to be a fantastic desk chair.

Here's the money-runny: The paint cost around $10 (but I had some spray paint lying around from a previous project.) The fabric was $7 from IKEA- I know! IKEA!? - so all together this was around $27 for a new desk chair that I love.
(Chair back)

First I pulled off all the fabric with heavy duty pliers. You have to be careful to remove all staples. Next, with all the fabric and padding removed, sand down the frame and clean. Then spray paint away! But be sure to do this outside as my apartment hallway was probably a poor choice of location by making people high for a few days. Then fold in the fabric around the padding and staple with a staple gun back in place on the under-side. Each chair is slightly different but I was able to staple the fabric in and screw the seat cushion in place.


(new chair)

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