July 9, 2012

Summertime in Maine is better than summertime anywhere else

It started off with a morning dip in the ocean with a friend and ended with lobster dinner with family. After an awesome extended weekend, here are some of the Maine things I love:

1.) On Board Fabric: Boothbay area
Not only do they sell the Waverly fabrics (seen below) they have all of the Amy Butler and designer, hard to find fabrics. I'm making pillows. Love.

2.) Boot truck
Freeport, Maine
This is an obviously-going-to-be-in-Maine photo.

3.) Block printing
Freeport, Maine
This wonderful woman was doing an art project where she created a block print and mailed it any where you wanted. So I asked her to mail this postcard to me since I love it so much...

4.) Fourth of July
Portland, Maine
So I dressed as a firework...

5.) Add to the resume: Lobster Hypnotizer...
This little guy sat on his head for almost 20 minutes... He was missing a claw so that's why he's un-symetrically leaning against a vase. He was also delicious. 

6.) Coastal Botanical Gardens
Up north, Maine
If you get a chance, check this place out. Gorgeous and a great place to get ideas for a garden you may have in the future if you ever grow up and get a house.

7.) Rock Skipping competition
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
I'm pretty sure my buddy, Tony, would be killer at this.

8.) My bike, Patricia, and my car, Bubbles
Both don't get out nearly enough, but I'm working on getting Patricia around town more. 

9.) Friends being charmingly inappropriate
Port Lobster Company in Portland, Maine
'Nuff said. 

10.) Fireworks
Every year, I take a million photos and video clips of the fireworks. I get so excited and reminiscent of childhood summers, running around barefoot on Kennebunk beach with friends I'm still close with today. It's by far my favorite holiday. So while this photo may be nothing so special, the sentiment definitely is. 

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