July 7, 2008

Black Books = Saving my sanity.

So while I was stranded in Newport News Airport for 6 hours yesterday, I was really thankful for having three seasons of Black Books on my computer. (thanks Andrew) It's a British comedy that's actually funny. Bernard is like the more snarly Captain Jack Sparrow of a little book shop. His rum is wine and his friends are just ridiculous. I think it's by the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead? Whatever, it's just funny. And it helped me survive the airport without having to be sedated. I mean, what kind of airport doesn't have a bar?

Side note: I have to take my flip flops off in security and I can't bring a water bottle... but the woman a row ahead of me can bring a freaking CAT in her purse? Small travel size containers of lotion are also a security threat but we can bring pets on the plane with us now? My god.

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