July 1, 2008


I think we have break to recharge and get some inspiration after 11ish weeks of hard labor at the Circus. Some people get their inspiration from books, movies and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Whatever works, right?

 I get mine from everyday life, which sometimes includes the former. It's break, I'm in Maine at my mom's house and here are a few of my favorite things that go on here:

- The way people here rate clam chowder. If they get anything less than the full bellied clams, it's crap. And the difference between soft shell and hard shell lobster. 

-Recycling. Since trashbags cost $7 and a first born here in Kennebunk, people tend to have a very detailed trash process. We end up having more recycled stuff and only one trashbag a week. Go earth. 

-Seeing an old friend after 10 years. Catching up. 

-Listening to my mom criticizing the tennis player on tv because she has a tattoo of a butterfly. "That Serena Williams is a nice girl. I bet she has no tattoos."

-Going to see Sex and the City. Being the youngest one in the theater by at least 20 years. 

-My short mom trying to help me put my surfboard on top her car. Surfing in the rain with the boys. Kicking ass. 

- Kids in lifejackets at the beach. Whatever happened to floaties? 

-deer and turkeys running around the field in the back yard. 

-Bennett's subs. Nothing in the entire world compares.

-watching the Office. I get it. 

So i've been writing a lot and getting ideas from everyday, simple things. And just a few more days until round 4 at the circus. 

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