July 23, 2008

Website decisions

I've got my concept down, and I've figured out a few more details. But, I'm torn between two different color schemes and fonts. Here are the two finalists (and when I say finalists, I mean what will probably be changed again.) These will be on the opening page of the site and when you click the travel suitcase, it will open up. Travel stickers will be on the inside of the suitcase and when clicked, will lead to things like my work, resume and fun useless facts about me. But like I said, I'm torn.


rgrabar said...

I like the second choice...first the lettering of your name is way more playful and less movie starish than the first one. And the brighter color of the suitcase is a better contrast to the rest of the colors in that image. Kudos to you for the concept...love the idea of the travel decals linking to your work. Love to have your help designing the SMS art department web page if you ever get bored and need a charity case...the boss is tight...just kidding!!!! Seriously if you ever have time to help develop a new SMS art dept. web page, just holler.

rgrabar said...
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