March 30, 2011

60 completely unusable stock photos

Buzzfeed's link

Now my story: Not too long ago, I was the owner/writer of a lovely blog called Shitastic shots. It was an idea I've had for a while and I went against my better judgement and set the blog up on Tumblr. It was a funny collection of terrible stock shots and my sarcastic comments underneath.
 Now, this isn't against the law due to the fair use clause. It's all part of a creative license that allows us to have an opinion. I never once removed the stock watermarks, and clearly stated that this was only an opinion of funny stock shots. It's how PerezHilton, Regretsy, newspapers, magazines and numerous other forms of media can carry on. However, I am not a magazine. I'm just a little blogger. So some angry stock site sent an email to Tumblr incorrectly stating that was "against the law" and shut me down. Instead of actually following along with the law, Tumblr decided to shut down my blog. Now, I see my idea up everywhere: Huffingtonpost, Buzzfeed... It reminded me of my days in my communications law class where my professor reminded us that laws can sometimes only work for those who can afford them. Lesson learned. So here's a hilarious look at bad stock photos from a media source that can protect their rights. 

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