March 5, 2011

February was the month of music.

Now that I have a moment to stop and breathe, I'm finally getting around to the amazing photos from the three concerts I went to this past month. Here's the rundown for each:
-Mason Jennings:
There are some musicians you just recently discover, and some you've been listening to since the very beginning. The latter always have a special place in your heart. I first heard Mason Jennings on a mix tape from a guy in high school that truth be told, first introduced me to so many new artists. Pixies, the Eels, Sarah Brightman, Warren Zevon... all were from this one mix tape. I listened to this tape then held down the rewind button and listened again- the cycle continued for months. So, when I found out Mason was in town, I bought a ticket, brought a good friend and relived the moments I listened to Mason in my first car. I'm reminiscing, what of it.

-Robert Randolph and The family band, The Constellations:
Robert Randolph = one of the best guitarists of ALL TIME. Not enough can be said about Robert Randolph except that to go to one of his shows is an experience of a lifetime. This was my second show, the first taking place a few years back in Athen,GA. Both take the place of first and second best concerts in my life. They are one of the most incredible and authenic bands today. 
The Constellations: Easily the next big thing. It was like watching the love children of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin performing. I immedietly bought their CD "Southern Gothic" on Itunes the next day.
So here's where the world gets small: I realized the Constellations looked a little familiar. Maybe I heard of them when I lived in Atlanta? Oh, they are from Atlanta? Oh, they know a friend of mine there? The Constellations not only were an amazing band but a truly nice group of people. Going backstage/on the tour bus? Awesome.
Let's see: up front dancing with friends, dancing on stage, catching both Robert Randolph's and Adam's guitar pics, going backstage, on the tour bus, meeting band members... I give this show an A+.
Constellations on stage

 King of the Pedal steel guitar, Mr. Randolph.

Robert Randolph and the Family band with Wes from the Constellations
 Jackie (my concert champ), Jamie from the Constellations and I after the show.
I'll be honest: I almost sold my ticket for this show. I had just gotten back from a weekend ski trip to Sugarloaf with a bunch of friends and still had skier shins. It was a Monday. I was exhausted. But I love Girltalk. He's the answer to the ADHD youth of today: fast, crazy, insane mixes of some of the best. Truth: I want the :45 seconds where he mixes Biggie Smalls and Elton John to play at my wedding. I can run 20 extra minutes on the treadmill when I have GirlTalk playing. So his show? I knew it was going to be intense. And it was incredible and completely worth it. Every second. Streamers, flying toliet paper, balloons, spraying water, seizure-inducing light show, images of lobsters, lips, white tigers, and anything random. Thank god my buddy Jon G. dragged me out to go. It was an awesome show and I got in a good work-out.
Also, the State Thearter was mostly packed with the 18 and under crowd which led me to two things: 1.) I'm getting older or 2.) Maine adults need to catch up to good music and stop listening to the same things over and over again. Try something new.

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