March 9, 2011

the institution of marriage


Anonymous said...

I love this so much!!! The world is so backwards some times....

Dizzy Lizzie said...

Hi, I reblogged this :)

Love your blog btw

The Lolapalooza Show said...

Thanks! Become a fan!

Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence that all of these people are of the political ilk that support gay marriage?

Bri said...

I think this is so great! Sad, but true! If only more people would realize this and stop being stupid.

rsder1 said...

I wonder does it have to be homosexual or not ,I mean there are very few places women have anywhere near the rights of men ,I was born intersex ,and I took my stepdaughter to Lollapalooza ,This site is great all the book libraries were my favourite ,I hope one day we meet
Gentle Hug rsdno
I hope I can find my way back here

rsder1 said...

Seems like I'm always crying remembering you
I will wait until I'm dying ,then I'll pray to be with you
Everybody calls me crazy
They can say that til they're blue
Don't you know I'm always crying,Crying tears all colored blue
My blue tears wont go away
You may be gone
Blue tears just stay
I have this mental pain
Hurting me each day
If you dont want to see me
Well I guess it's ok
I'm just crying blue tears because I rue the day
You went to Heaven leaving me here this way

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is no gay man has ever cheated on his partner? And no gay woman has ever cheated on her partner? And you're comparing the rest of us to celebrities... Some of the most shallow people on earth. Appreciate that. Your argument is not only invalid but ignorant as well.

The Lolapalooza Show said...

Thought I should clarify...

1.) I didn't design this. I wish I did! It's awesome! But I found it on a design site. So if you made it, let me know so I can give you tons of credit!

2.) No one is arguing, my darling anonymous. Cheating is wrong and gay, straight, even penguins do it. But in regards to using celebrity examples, the artist could have said: "My Aunt Ida, Uncle Ronald and his ten mistresses." Just wouldn't communicate as well, right? Tons of people cheat, in or out of marriage and it doesn't make it right.

3.) Let's let gays experience the highs and lows of marriage too! Fair is fair.

3.) Let's not name call here on my blog. If you're angry or disagree, let's be respectful to each other. In life, when someone shows an expression of their belief, it doesn't always mean they are arguing. Just stating what's on their mind.

Anonymous said...

Found this via pinterest. This implies that those of us against same s3x couples/marriage think cheating and divorce are just fine. That is offensive. Sorry, I've not been to this blog before, so this is just a random comment. I'm just tired of hearing that everyone needs to be more tolerant of other views, unless of course those views are those of conservative Christians, or just conservatives.

The Lolapalooza Show said...

Hey anonymous, first, see above comment.

Second, if you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person?

Third, I grew up Catholic. And I have read the bible. This isn't a religious argument blog so I'm sorry to say this, but didn't Jesus preach "tolerance?" If you were a true Christian, love and tolerance would overpower ignorance, hatred and fear.

To all others who are considering spewing hatred, ignorance or intolerance, go to another blog.