June 6, 2008

Dave Holloway, the reason the Circus has a tent.

Once upon a time, a junior at James Madison University interested in getting the advertising club back on track, contacted a JMU alum in the advertising world. I was that junior, Dave Holloway was that alum, and now I'm at the circus and not at Law school.
Dave just came to speak at the Circus, second time for me and a few others hearing him speak. Always awesome. For those who don't know, he's the godfather in the advertising industry and has done some of the coolest stuff, written an amazing book and just all around really great at helping out the creative newbies. So this guy helped me figure out how I need to go to the creative circus and what I need to do to break in this steel bolted industry - mucho inspiring. I'm still amazed that I had enough courage to call him and if I have any success in advertising, I pretty much owe it to him.
check out his website,AMAZING stuff, buy his book: www.daveholloway.net

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