June 20, 2008

New England

We talk funny. Sometimes it can be confused with retardation. Or maybe just a speech impediment. Either way, we talk different. And you don't realize this until you leave the state, go some place foreign, like Atlanta, and come back again. I love it though. We talk like we are in a hurry because why waste time? Life's too short for pronouncing R's and those stupid thing called vowels. We also drive like we talk: moving right along.

So I'm in Maine for the next few weeks. Loving it already. Went to Bennett's subs for lunch with a friend and saw like 20 people I know, including the owner and my former science teacher, Mr. Bennett. Went to Feds for beer, Gritty McDuffs for Beer, Bull Feneys for beer... It was a good day.

Also, Puffins are great. They are a mix between a waddling duck and Toucan Sam. Very rare.

P.S my friend Robert needs to stop Puffin.

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