June 11, 2008


So back in the day, I used to be really bad at speaking spanish. But when I got to college, it was able to click perfectly thanks to painful years of hard work in high school. The woman responsible for ALL A's in my college spanish minor is Senorita Karen Moore. I may have been awful back in the day, but without all her persistence and coolness, I would never had been able to work with hispanic middle school students or have everything click in Spanish lit. So gracias Ms. Moore.


Rita, as I prefer to call Ms. Moore, is also an amazing fractal maker. Random, I know. My goal is to one day be able to incorporate her art into my work. One day, rita, una dia.

UPDATE: I've been asked how I knew that Rita was into fractals. Well, Joey darling, as many people knew in High school, I am kind of into this art thing. I used to draw cartoons of my teachers, and Rita was so encouraging of my talent that she hung some of these pictures up by her desk. Rita, however, could never be sidetracked. No tangents. Except when it came to fractals and art. So every now and then, when the spanish got too much, we would get into a convo about some fractals. I loved it. And so did some of the students with senioritis.

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Joey Brunelle said...

How did you figure out that Rita was into this fractal art? :-)

Also, when are we making you a website?