June 9, 2008

Sallie Mae is the Devil

School costs money. More than what most people have. So, for the majority of us, we need loans. Sallie Mae is supposed to help students get loans for an education but instead make it so difficult that it becomes a full time job just getting a loan to go through. Now imagine being a student with no cosigner and having to deal with these spawns of satan.

I thought money lending was illegal...

Quick story: In florence, there is Palazzo degli Strozzi (where Fendi and my old school are located). The family Strozzi were a bunch of money lenders who charged so much interest in their loans that people ended up paying twice as much and more for what they borrowed. People became broke, economy suffered, life sucked. The government put a stop to this nonsense and the word Strozzi eventually materialized into Stronzo... which means asshole. So the government needs to step in and get rid of these Sallie Mae Stronzos.

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